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You are in theUltimateLuxuryCommunity society (theULC Society) designed for the people passionated with the Luxury side of our Life; whether You are interested in Luxury aspects or provide Luxury products and Services, this is the Society You are looking for. This site is freely open to every one involved in Luxury; a User that seeks a special service, a Supplier who may provide, everybody that wish to share common values, their experiences (images, videos, audios, other multimedia), to create forums, to communicate within the ULC society, and many more!

In this Social Network You may :
Create Your Profile
– have Your own blog at http://ulcsociety.ultimate-luxury-community.com/members/YOURNAME
Doing Business between each other (by sending direct messages or chatting)
Present Products and Services for the luxury market
Request Answers in Your Questions and ask personal assistance about Luxury Issues from the other Community members in Luxury issues You look for
Post Your Comments
Create Groups of Your interest
Start a Discussion Forum within specified groups
– Stream to Your Stream Your Facebook, Tweet and Share LinkedIn of Your activity
Create Your Photo Galleries and video galleries (available soon)
Invite Your friends , customers, etc
Chat and Send Personal Messages

In other words theULC Society designed to be the PLACE where YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS and FIND THE RIGHT ANSWERS for the LUXURY matters in our life.

theULC Society provides another service for FREE to our members: a Luxury Products & Services Directory available either to use it as a Buyer or to have Your own Luxury Products & Services listed for FREE

If You need assistance on how to navigate within this Social Network, please email at ulcsociety@ultimate-luxury-community.com


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